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With Hurricane Irma on the horizon, we must keep the promise that God made with Noah and his descendants (i.e., us).  The new and everlasting covenant through, with and in Jesus Christ is what grounds us in difficult times.



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There are so many logos going R-G-B as LED lighting moves firmly into the mainstream, it is hard to keep up.

A Google Search on: RGB Logo yields this screen capture

Theologically, and artistically

Red—JESUS Son  (Blood)
Green—HOLY SPIRIT (Peace and Fruitfulness)

Blue—ABBA Father (Sky/Ocean)

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The firmament of heaven is the mysterious space that surrounds the throne of Almighty God and the living waters of eternity. It separates the earthly water from the heavenly water. It separates earth time from heavenly eternity.  It is the fabric of space-time.


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Our God is an Awesome God

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Just found this poem at the site of Penny McCoy, http://realpennymccoy.com/

I don’t think she would mind me sharing it with you.

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